A Misty Morning

Things have been getting into a nice schedule and one of those “things” is early mornings. Something I am not that happy about when it is happening but once I have a good 20 minutes I am VERY happy it is happening.
Do you see Katty Girl?
Misty Morning through the Orchard.
View from the deck that I call home.
Misty morning view.
And a very early morning visitor!
Early morning hummingbird.

Memorial Day 2014

Our Memorial Day this year was a pony filled one! Started the morning by taking Kat for a walk.
Here we are trotting around the pasture…
Trotting around the pasture.
And me all like, “Oh yeah!”
Oh Yeah
Then we did some things during the day and it was nice and cool in the afternoon and the bugs weren’t bad so I saddled up for another ride.
Such a good girl even when I forget to lower my stirrups, oops!
Walking down the street.
Walking down the street
And we did some walk/trot around the pasture/arena šŸ™‚
Pasture time
Got to admit I like my view!
Nice view

And this is one of the things I did during the day…
Torture the hedgehog with some cute cups Elena gave me šŸ™‚
A cup of Hedgehog
Pantoufles was not impressed.
A cup full of Hedgehog!
Cup full of hedgehog!
But he found some noms that makes it ok.

Back in the Saddle

Feels like forever since I was back in my own saddle! I can’t even remember?
So yesterday I found a girth that fits Kat and my saddle so I got up early to beat the bugs again for a ride! Katty Girl was so good! We didn’t do anything too exciting, just went to visit the neighours then some walk/trot around the big pasture. She makes me so happy šŸ™‚
Then I futzed about int he veggie patch, weeding and cleaning it out before Jonathan tilled some poop in.
Then Eric came over and we went for a hike around our property and then over to the neighbours fields and hill.
So here is a slideshow of the days pics…

Exploring Jeff’s Hill

Our neighbour Jeff has some atv/snowmobile trails that he said we can take Kat on so early this morning before the bugs we headed out to investigate…
My dodgy mounting block.
Dodgy mounting block
Riding a very slippery pony bareback up a hill.
Slippery Pony
So I bailed and walked her the rest of the trail up.
Walking Katty Girl.
Snack time!
Snack time
The power lines.
Power lines
Does my but look big?
But big
And then I had $100 to spend at the tack/consignment store at the end of the street. I bought Kat a brand new fly sheet, stall guard, hay rack for Iniki, mounting steps, gum boots for me and a girth to fit Kat. Sweet!
Then we took Kat for an evening 3 mile walk where we got caught in a storm and came home to this…
Double rainbow

New Routine

I am sure for all of us this new routine has been a pretty easy transition. No more of my beloved sleep ins for me, but its not like I can anymore when I think of Kat! This morning Kat had her brekkie under the moon.
Breakfast under the moon.
Then during his lunch break, Jonathan took Kat into the big pasture where they did some walk/trot sets and even had a little canter.
When I came home, Jonathan was off to a meeting so I took Kat by myself down the street. We went up campground road further than before. Kat is so cute, she looks down everyone’s driveways as if to see if someone will come say hi. One of our neighbours was out and complimented her and was excited that we have a horse and getting another soon. It’s great to know that our neighbours like to see Kat in the paddock already.

Sleep In

Today Jonathan and I went out to feed Kat her brekkie and let her out, but she was having a sleep in! we caught her lying down peacefully in her stall. She got up when Jonathan opened the barn doors and happily went outside to graze while we made her brekkie.
Katty ying down in her stall
Then after I had my breakfast I took her out to the big pasture where we had a little walk and trot around before I had to go to work.
In the afternoon Jonathan had been sitting in the barn reading with her while it rained on and off. But when I got home the rain had stopped so we ventured off down the street. Unfortunately it started to rain again so we turned around home where she had her dinner.

Sunday Ponyday

No more sleep ins now that Kat is here! Jonathan and I woke up early to see how Katty Girl’s first night in NH was. She seemed to have had a goodnight, covered in shavings so she must have been down to rest in her stall. So once we settled her for the morning we made a pancake brekkie for Elena and Josh before they headed back to RI.
Then we had to decide what was best for our Katty Girl. We have way to much green New England grass that would make her sick, so we Jonathan mowed the paddock while I raked a corner clean of the cut grass before we fence it in so she has a dry lot now.
Before we mowed she had 20 minutes to enjoy the pasture!
Katty enjoying the pasture.
“Best Restaurant Ever!!!”
5 Star Horse Restaurant
Jonathan bringing her in before he mows.
Jonathan and Katty
We also took her for another walk down both ends of the street so I hope she knows a little more about her home.

Bright Konstellation

Today was a big big day for Jonathan and I! For the past couple of months we have been preparing for Bright Konstellation, AKA Katty Girl, Kat, KitKat etc to make her way up North and make herself at home!
Elena and Josh brought her up for us this beautiful sunny day and without further introduction here she is…
Josh and Elena pulling in to our place!
Katty Girl arrives
As you can imaging I am pretty excited!
So excited
Out of the trailer nice and smoothly
Katt Girl leaving the trailer.
I have a pony and I can hardly believe it!
I have a pony and can hardly believe it
I think Katty Girl can’t believe the grass.
Green green grass
Itchy face.
Itchy face
Exploring the barn.
Exploring the barn
Let’s go for a walk.
Taking Katty Girl on a walk.
What a great day!
Perfect day.